Waste Reporting & Tracking
With our customised Waste Integrity Management System (WIMS)

One of the most important aspects of effective waste management is waste reporting.
Monthly waste reports are created against established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), to determine
areas for efficiency improvement, and to provide a solid and measurable guideline for contractors and key stakeholders.

The key to any comprehensive auditable waste reporting system is to effectively and accurately validate
raw waste data prior to generating the waste report. The process of waste data validation will cover a
range of areas including analysis and review of the waste data received from waste and cleaning
contractors to ensure completeness, correctness, clarity and overall data integrity.

Waste Audit’s specialised Waste Integrity Management System is designed to effectively manage
collections down over time thereby creating self-generating cost savings and greatly improving
efficiencies across the waste network. By tailoring each WIMS report format to meet your specific
organisational needs, whether they are for internal waste reporting, or for external purposes such as the
National Packaging Covenant reports, you’ll have the right information to help you make the right
decisions that align with your waste management plan and waste strategy.

Waste Audit Consultants have extensive experience in the identification of potential break-downs in data
provision and communication and are able to guide you to recommend, effective methods for
improvement. Our experienced consultants ensure the final waste audit and all waste reporting is
complete, accurate and auditable to help you achieve set performance targets and conform to specific
legislation. This will ensure that your waste data is complete and is delivered effectively and accurately.
Waste reports include but are not limited to;

· Quarterly waste reports.
· Monthly waste reports that check performance against contract terms.
· Waste reports that review system efficiencies in line with KPIs.
· Green Star Reporting.
· NABERS conformance reporting.

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