Emission Reductions

Emission Reductions

A reduction in vehicle kilometres travelled by waste trucks is a reduction in what is known as series 3
waste emissions.
Accounting for both upstream, downstream (tailpipe) emissions is critical when generating emission
reduction reports. A highly effective way to reduce series 3 emissions is to reduce the frequency of collection of bins and compactors. This will also reduce your cost significantly.

Waste Audit works with commercial entities of all sizes to implement  its Waste Integrity Management
System, and SmartTrash technology system to reduce collection frequency, and increase savings. 

Using increased compactor efficiency, comprehensive data and reporting, real-time communication, and
cloud-based collection management, SmartTrash solutions reduce the number of collections, while also
improving collection efficiency.

On average, compactors with SmartTrash deployed at scale reduce their waste collections and
operational expense by up to 70%. Fewer collections mean fewer miles driven,
eliminating GHG emissions.

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