Compactor Load Management

Compactor Load Management

SmartTrash® is an automated compactor management system. SmartTrash® is an algorithmic based
system which determines the optimal time to empty the compactor, it communicates with the waste
collector and other stakeholders, issues a collection order and closes out the order after the collection has
been completed.

Fundamentally SmartTrash® is designed to generate transport cost savings, to improve efficiencies and
to reduce transport emissions.

Waste Audit owns the Asia Pacific license for this cutting edge technology.
SmartTrash® units can communicate from virtually anywhere in the world. SmartTrash can use 4G LTE,
3G GSM HSPA, 2.5G CDMA 1xRTT or 2G GSM GPRS. LoRan, Wifi, XigBee wireless data
communication technologies. It can even work when the compactors are located three floors underground
in a concrete garage. In this fully-automated application, the SmartTrash® unit stays “in touch” 24 hours
per day.
In most instances this technology could be expected to deliver 40% cost savings and Transport emission
reductions of a similar measure.

SmartTrash® handles all the routine tasks required to make sure your
compactors are emptied when collection is beneficial to clients, not on a schedule to fit collector
schedules. It records every compactor packing cycle and reads all the relevant data generated by the
machine’s operation. Based on its analysis (without human intervention) a pickup order is generated and
sent to the hauler with a copy to anyone you designate.
Using SmartTrash®, an organization can;

  • Determine the quantity and type of waste being generated.
  • Measure performance against current waste plans and targets.
  • Identify areas of non-compliance.
  • Review efficiency of waste and recycling systems.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains.
  • Identify potential areas of exposure and risk.
  • Measure performance against Best Practice.


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